Sen. Tim Scott Has Something To Say

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Sen. Tim Scott (R,SC) has something to say, plus the ability to say it clearly and engagingly. Now the question is: Do we have the good sense to listen? Do we even care if what he says is true? Does it bother us that most schools and universities are filling our kids’ heads with anti-American, anti-Semitic lies? Do we care about what our kids are learning, or do we care only that they will get a fancy diploma we can boast about? Do we take care that our kids inherit our Judeo-Christian values? Do we in fact still have any Judeo-Christian values? Sen. Tim Scott does.

We use the word “prophet” to mean someone who can foretell the future. But the biblical prophets didn’t foretell the future. They foretold what would happen if we continued on our sinful path. They didn’t go around wearing halos over their heads. They looked just like ordinary people  You know, like Sen. Tim Scott.

Republican primary: Why Tim Scott may be one to watch | CNN Politics

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