Israel Must Use “Proportionate” Response To Terrorism

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Suppose someone kicks in your door at 2 am. Suppose he has no shirt, but does have a bloody carving knife in his hand. Suppose he is yelling incoherently, but you can make out the word “kill.” What would you do?

  1. Turn your back, go get you cell phone, dial 911, wait for a reply, and make police promise to use nonviolent methods.
  2. Turn you back, run to the kitchen, and try to select a knife as long as the intruder’s knife, so as to be a “proportionate” response.
  3. Talk to the intruder and explain the virtues of nonviolence and the benefits of yoga.
  4. Grab your firearm and shoot the intruder before he can kill you or a family member.

If you are threatened with deadly force, you have a legal and moral right to use deadly force yourself. You don’t need to find a knife of equal length. You don’t need to use a knife at all, if you have a gun, or a baseball bat, or whatever you can get a hold of. Your life is a gift of God, not of some government. This necessarily includes a right to defend it.

The same applies to Israelis, and to Jews in general. This so elementary that if you cannot understand it, there is something wrong with you.

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