So Help Me God…Not

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New Jersey removes “So help me God” from oath for public officials, based on complaint from “non-theist” candidate. But these words were never meant as a statement of faith, but as the most sincere way possible to say. “I really mean it.”

For example, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare was, and swore we would gain the inevitable victory “,,,so help us God.” Revealingly, the phrase was omitted from the speech in the film “Pearl Harbor.” First, Hollywood altered the past. Now leftists want to alter the future. No more reference to God. No more way to emphasize the sanctity of an oath. No more reason not to lie, if you think you can get away with it.

Congratulations! Another piece of sincerity and beauty is removed, leaving what remains tasteless and and watered down. Who wants pure whites and vivid reds and blues anyhow? They might be “triggering” to atheist leftists. Much better to have insipid pastels, which will not inspire anyone to do anything – certainly not to tell the truth or fulfill an oath.

State removes ‘So Help Me God’ from oath

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