CNN Cannot Verify “Claims” About The Weapons

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Oh, so the Israelis might have “rearranged” the Hamas weapons store in the hospital. And that’s wrong? Unloading the weapons? Checking for booby traps? Making sure the journalists will be safe? CNN implies the Israelis did something underhanded with the weapons? What? Safe them? The weapons were not in the hospital till Israelis put them there? Even CNN does not stray that far from reality. Such a large stock of weapons could not be moved secretly with anti-Israel, anti-American journalists milling about.

But CNN does say they cannot independently verify “claims” about the weapons. Either the weapons were there in the hospital or they were not. Multiple photos from multiple sources show them. Period. Full stop. In their effort to throw suspicion on the Israelis, CNN needs to learn less obvious, less heavy handed methods. Bias needs to creep in, not kick the door down.

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