Cognitive Test? What, Me Worry?

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Trump: I Aced’ a Cognitive Exam. Let’s See Joe Take One, Too.

Trump: I Aced' a Cognitive Exam. Let's See Joe Take One, Too.

Trump says he aced a cognitive test. From his appearances in public, I believe him. Joe Biden, reportedly, has never taken a cognitive test. From his appearances in public, I believe he would do poorly. But no mechanism exists to force him to take such a test or to publicize the results.

But wait, you say. You’re no kid yourself. I am a retired physician. I just celebrated (well, observed) my 89th birthday. My wife is a clinical psychologist and frequently tries out psychological tests on me, including cognitive tests. I take the New England Journal of Medicine knowledge review yearly to keep up my certification, and as a surrogate test for dementia. I usually score in the 90s. The last two years I scored 100. You see, I still follow that principle of leadership I learned all those years ago in ROTC: Don’t tell others to do what you yourself are unable or unwilling to to.

Mandatory cognitive tests for candidates over ago 60? Why not? If there is a constitutional problem requiring it of nominated candidates, then let the parties require of their nominees. What, exactly, is the downside? Do we really need a cognitively impaired president sitting in the Oval Office in an international crisis? Is that the best we can do in 2024?


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