RAND Goes Woke

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You knew the armed services were afflicted with DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and had therefore gone woke. Now we learn that the RAND Corporation, a major and supposedly nonpolitical advisor to the Pentagon, has done the same. When the service member you know risks his life, it will not be to¬† execute the best plan available, but the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive plan. Let’s see how that works out. For the pencil-pushers at RAND and in the Pentagon, the question will be academic. But for the guy or gal you know, it will be all too real.

Here’s a thought experiment. Say there are two airlines. One hires the traditional way, by their best assessment of pilot skill. The other hires by DEI. (There actually is such an airline.) Which airline would you put your family on? It’s just a bit more real when it comes close to home, isn’t it?

Think tanks and airlines can be as woke as they want. They can be woker than woke. Just keep away from anyone I know. I value competence above extraneous characteristics. But hey, that’s just me.

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