Do We Want A Credible Military?

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Two adjacent headlines:
Shock and awe becomes shrug and yawn. – Kurt Schlichter
Why Biden’s “deterrence” isn’t doing much deterring. – Spencer Brown

If you imagine that a woke military can be an effective military, I’ve got some land to sell you – alligators are really interesting animals. I believe it was Mark Steyn who said, “You can have a welfare state or a credible military, but you can’t afford both.” Of course, this assumes that you want a credible military in the first place – which for progressives is a really big assumption.

If you are poor, you may walk through a rough neighborhood and not be assaulted. But not if you are rich. Then your chances of being robbed or worse approach 100%. Despite the best efforts of progressives, America is still a rich nation. The world is a rough neighborhood. If we hope to remain safe, we need to attend to our military.

This is the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) carrier group transiting the Suez Canal. Do you suppose, just possibly, that this image affected the thinking of the leaders of Hamas and Iran? Do you imagine, just conceivably, that there is a reason the biggest boys in the schoolyard tend to be ignored by bullies? We learned that in primary school. Progressive politicians didn’t learn it in graduate school.






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