Don’t Insult Drunken Sailors

By | December 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

You have a desire to waste money? Even worse, you have a desire to contribute to destructive causes? What you do with your own money is your choice. Invest in a distillery or a brewery. Buy shares in a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Send money to progressive candidates. Whatever you want. But taxpayer dollars? No, get your hands off them.

The presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn appear before Congress and feel so secure in their beliefs that they announce them plainly: It is permissible speech in our universities to approve of genocide of Jewish people. Unless these officials are fired or demoted, and their homicidal views are publicly repudiated, no one should give a penny to their universities. Not one penny of taxpayers’ money. No grants. No awards. No student loans.

No public support for genocide. No taxpayers’ money for “Holocaust 2, The Sequel.” No government help for advocates of homicide.  Logical arguments don’t work against ideas that were developed through emotion not logic. You can’t argue someone out of an idea they weren’t argued into in the first place. Let the lovers of genocide stew in their own toxic  juice – but at their own expense.

No donations to Harvard, MIT, or Penn. And surely no taxpayer funds to these incubators of genocide.

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