The Deep State Is Supposed To Be Deep

By | February 12, 2024 | 0 Comments

Only a few years ago, if you wrote about the Deep State, the editor was likely to put it in quotes, and commentators were likely to call you a conspiracy theorist. That’s because the Deep State was where it was supposed to be: Deep. But now everyone from little-known commentators to Vladimir Putin refer to it openly as in control of America, not Biden.

Not long ago, rats invaded our hall closet, as revealed by chewed paper and excreta. To get rid of them, I got an air horn meant for a small boat, and sounded it repeatedly during the day when the rats would be sleeping. In a few days the rats were gone. I believe this is what Donald J. Trump did: Make so much noise that the Deep State could no longer remain quiet, doing their work behind the scenes. Like my air horn, he drove the vermin out in the open, where they were impossible to ignore any longer. Even Putin felt compelled to comment. Making a lot of noise may be annoying to some, but it does have its uses.

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