Does Drudge Imply Killing Trump?

By | February 27, 2024 | 0 Comments

This photoshop appears on the Drudge Report. In a proper naked choke, the larynx or Adam’s apple is in the crook of the elbow, protected from direct pressure. On the contrary, pressure is applied to the sides of the neck, where it cuts off blood supply to the brain by compressing the carotid arteries, causing transitory unconsciousness, and serious injury is uncommon.

Here, in contrast, we see the bony forearm compressing the larynx, causing blockage of the airway and possibly fatal damage. Tens of millions watch MMA. Were the people at Drudge merely ignorant, or were they suggesting that Trump be assassinated? Might a visit from the Secret Service be in order? Can democracy survive if the leader of the opposition is bankrupted by lawsuits, and when this fails, threatened with death? I can’t speak for others, but hate-filled people like this will get my vote only when Hell freezes over and the Devil goes ice skating.

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