Anti-Semitic Riot At UC Berkeley

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“Anti-Semitic riot erupts at UC Berkeley over Israeli speaker:
“Pro-Palestinian activists surround the venue, banging on the doors, spitting on students and breaking windows, which led to physical confrontations; ‘I’m just scared to death to be an Israeli or Jewish student at Berkeley now.'” You don’t express anti-Israel feelings by spitting on Jewish American students in California. You express anti-Semitism – Jew hatred or Judenhass as the Nazis termed it. Might as well use the correct terminology if we’re going to emulate Nazis.

Results: 1) Israeli speaker does not speak. 2) Audience does not learn new perspective on Mideast situation. 3) Jewish students and faculty do learn to be afraid, think twice before inviting any speakers. 4) Jews think twice before accepting positions as students or faculty members at UC Berkeley. It is no longer a friendly place, as it was when I went there. The eventual goal is to make UC Berkeley what Hamas wants to make Israel: Free of Jews, or judenfrei as the Nazis termed it.

I searched the internet for an image suitable for this story. Then I realized I already had one.

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