Spitting On Jews At Berkeley – Can I Take This Course For Credit?

By | March 1, 2024 | 0 Comments

–”Anti-Semitic riot erupts at UC Berkeley to block Israeli speaker:
“Pro-Palestinian activists surround the venue, banging on the doors, spitting on students, and breaking windows, which led to physical confrontations; ‘I’m just scared to death to be an Israeli or Jewish student at Berkeley now.'” You don’t express anti-Israel feelings by spitting on Jewish American students in California. You express anti-Semitism – Jew hatred or Judenhass as the Nazis termed it. Might as well use the correct terminology if we’re going to emulate Nazis.

No one with an IQ above that of cabbage really believes that Jewish American students at Berkeley have any effect on the policies of the Israeli government. No one really believes that spitting on them has the slightest chance of affecting those policies, any more than spitting on a guy named Baghdadi could influence the policies of the Iraqi government. The only difference is that spitting on a guy named Baghdadi would get you a trip to the Emergency Department. Perhaps there is a lesson here.

Spitting on Jewish American students serves only one purpose: humiliating and intimidating Jews. Those administrators who allow it are enabling and condoning Jew hatred with our tax dollars. This is intolerable. So why do we tolerate it?

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