Easter vs Transgender Visibility Day

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Cartoon Network made sure to post in celebration of the Transgender Day of Visibility on Sunday, but made no mention of the fact that Easter Sunday also fell on March 31st this year — this despite the fact that 1.6 million Americans over 13 identify as transgender, and over 200 million identify as Christian and presumably celebrate Easter.


A huge container ship loses power and knocks down a bridge. The ship could not be steered, but because of inertia it was still moving ahead with tremendous potential to cause damage. Perhaps there is a lesson here for our nation.

When we lose our steering, but our nation is still moving with the kinetic energy imparted by our hardworking ancestors, watch out. Nothing good is likely to happen.

First priority is to restore the steering. Sunday was Easter, observing the Resurrection of Jesus. All our founders were religious, with the possible exception of Tom Paine, who tended toward atheism. Some like Washington were traditional Trinitarians, while others like Jefferson were what we would call Unitarians. He believed in a God Who judges our behavior. What do we believe in? Or as a lawyer would say, what if anything do we believe in?

But now we pretend that we can operate the ship of state without reliable steering, and without a moral compass to steer by. If the daily news tells us anything useful, it is that this isn’t working. No, it’s not working at all.

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