Must Be Something Wrong With Me, But I Never Wanted To See Trump’s Tax Returns

By | April 15, 2024 | 0 Comments
• Violators can be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and/or sentenced to up to one year in prison. Civil Penalties: A taxpayer whose return or return information has been knowingly or negligently inspected or disclosed by an employee in violation of §6103 may seek civil damages.
The Supreme Court affirmed the power of Congress to obtain President Trump’s tax returns. Presumably there was a legislative purpose. But the Court did not, could not, empower Congress to release the returns to the public. This is a violation of federal law. No court can authorize you to break the law. The House committee had no more power to publicize Trump’s returns than I have power to publicize your returns.
But rest assured, now that the GOP has regained control of the House, we could be seeing tax returns of prominent Democrats. How about George Soros’ returns? Interesting reading. How about the Pelosis’? Intriguing deals back in Baltimore? This is a terrible precedent sure to stir up big trouble, and incompatible with a constitutional republic.
But wait. As a lawyer would object, this assumes something not in evidence: That the GOP has the will to fight, the will to do to leading Dems what they did to Trump. Are you joking? Ain’t gonna happen. The function of the GOP is to appear to be an opposition party, as is required in a constitutional republic like ours. But to actually act in opposition? Oh no, that simply isn’t done, you see. The Uniparty rules.
There must be something wrong with me. I may lack the Voyeur Gene. I don’t want to see people’s tax returns, or snoop into their health records, or peer at their confidential attorney-client or husband-wife communications, or rummage through their wives’ underwear drawer. All of which would get me a really hard slap on the wrist from my mother, not to mention my Aunt Sadie. And all of which the FBI did to Trump.
But hey, that’s just me. You do as you please. Would you like the combination to Nancy Pelosi’s gym locker? I’ll see what I can do.

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