Columbia Closes Campus Because Of Violent Jew Haters

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Columbia University Closes Campus as Hundreds of Anti-Israel Student Protesters Occupy Quad

In the 1930s, German and Austrian universities were struck by Nazi rioters. Some had to close. At the University of Vienna, thugs with swastika armbands kicked a young Jewish student down the stairs, while police stood by idly.

A medieval charter kept police off the campus. So when leftist demonstrators yelled “pigs off the campus” here in America, my mother was sure to remind me that when police are kept off the campus, violence was likely to be on the campus. Compare the pro-Palestinian Jew haters in the above photo with the Nazi Jew haters in the old photo below.

The only difference is that the Nazis had natty uniforms. You want violent anti-Semites on campus? You got them. Stay tuned. More trouble will inevitably follow. When the canary in the coal mine falls off its perch, it’s best to get out while you still can.

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