That Fire Alarm Is Annoying. Can’t They Just Shut It Off?

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Victor Davis Hanson speaks clearly and logically. If you can’t hear him, it’s not because of any deficiency on his part, but because you are in denial. Look at ballooning costs of food and fuel, which oddly are not counted in the “inflation” rate.

Look at the fast food worker, who can’t afford gasoline to get to work, but it’s okay because his job was taken over by AI. Increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour does little good as jobs disappear. So the unemployed worker wanders around downtown looking for an under-the-table job and can’t find one, but its okay because he can’t work anyhow as he recovers from the beating the homeless, mentally ill guy gave him for no reason a sane person can discern.

At some point people just give up trying to get along legally. Then one of two things happen. Either (1) they join the other people camped out on the sidewalk drinking the cheapest booze they can find, or (2) they join a radical group led by some messianic guy with a beard and an AK.

Is VDH an alarmist? When was the last time you were in downtown Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or Chicago, or New York, or Washington D.C.? Months? Years? If you can’t go downtown in your own city, do you think, just possibly, something has gone wrong?

Man, that fire alarm in annoying. Can’t they just shut it off?

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