International Criminal Court: Arrest Netanyahu?

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At the end of World War II, Europe had been devastated by the Nazis, and Asia had been devastated by the Japanese imperialists. One-third of all the Jews on earth had been murdered. The world resolved that such devastation would never happen again.

The UN was established to resolve disputes peacefully. Courts were established to try war criminals. Israel was reestablished to make “never again” a reality. But then things went to crap.

The UN became a debating club for anti-democratic thugs. The courts were less than useless. Israel, which was the world’s way of saying, “Sorry for allowing the Holocaust,” became the target for Jew-haters everywhere, from Iran to Columbia University.

And now, to top things off, the International Criminal Court may charge Prime Minister Netanyahu with the horrible crime of attacking Hamas, the terrorist gang that killed and raped Israeli civilians. Not only is he a Jew who practices self-defense (horror!) but he came to office in a free election (unbelievable!) Maybe they could throw him in the same jail as Donald Trump. Yes, that would show symmetry: injustice on every side.

Is the International Criminal Court about to arrest Netanyahu?

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