Demand Universities Protect Jewish Students And Professors

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House Education Chair Demands Columbia University Expulsions.
NFL Patriots Owner Bob Kraft Yanks Money From Columbia Until ‘School Can Protect Its Students.’

Gosh! Who knew? An $80,000 a year university education is supposed to include an actual education. You know, languages, history, math, sciences, stuff like that. But not just running around with placards, screaming what is in effect “Kill the Jews!”

What, exactly, do you think they mean by “From  the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”? From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean includes all of Israel. Not just Gaza. Not just the West Bank. All. And free of what? Oppression? Arab and Muslim countries are not beacons of democracy. No, free of Jews.

So where do you suppose the 7 million Jews who now live “from  the river to the sea” will be relocated? To very small plots, about 6 feet by 3. What the screaming students and professors are advocating is in effect an infringement of copyright. They are merely translating into English what Hitler proposed: Das Entlösung des Judenproblems – the Final Solution to the Jewish problem. We may talk around it and obfuscate the issue. But there it is in all its ugliness: eliminationist hatred.

It happens to be Passover. Or maybe it doesn’t just happen. What is the lesson of Passover? Stay in Egypt and try to convince Pharaoh to stop treating you like slaves? No. Leave this place behind you and strike out on your own. Tell the bigshots at Columbia, Yale, and the other bastions of Jew hatred: Treat my people well and ensure their safety. Otherwise we Jewish professors and students will leave. See what that leaves of the math, physics, and other departments. Try to cobble together a university while we go elsewhere. Wouldn’t that be an interesting experiment?


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