Jewish Professor Denied Access To Parts Of Columbia Campus

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Columbia claims it cannot guarantee a Jewish professor’s safety, so it deactivates his ID card and denies him access. It thus becomes complicit in overt anti-Semitism, rendering Columbia ineligible for government funds and perhaps student loans as well.

This is exactly what happened in German and Austrian universities in the 1930s. My family saw it. First Jewish students and professors were shouted down, then they were physically attacked, then they were officially barred.

Note that this professor has no beard and is not wearing a skullcap. That is, he is not obviously Jewish. But his ID card is just as inactive as if he were obviously ultra-Orthodox. Being Reform Jews didn’t save them from Nazis. Being liberal or irreligious didn’t save them. Being active Christians didn’t save them. Hitler’s hatred was strictly racial. So is this hatred. It is satisfied only by death.

Question: How do you compromise with people who want you dead?

Welcome to American universities. Hope your studies go well. If you survive, as a graduation gift I suggest a copy of Mein Kampf. As most researchers suggest, it’s best to go to original sources.


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