Janitors Terrorized By Columbia Demonstrators

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You think it’s only rich, entitled students and arrogant professors who are inconvenienced by anti-Israel and arguably anti-Semitic university demonstrators? You’re wrong. What about all the ordinary people – custodians, electricians, plumbers, teaching assistants, security guards, and other workers?

Don’t they deserve to go about their daily jobs without fear of physical injury or being taken hostage? Don’t they deserve to be free of the fear of being locked in a building? We call that false imprisonment. Don’t they deserve to move freely without being forced to go where they do not want to go? We call that kidnapping.

Head Custodian Henry Clemente was just as much a victim of the rioters as was student Richie Rich and Professor Gasbag. But who speaks for him? Who even knows he exists? Surely not the leftist demonstrators who claim to speak for the working man but rarely even speak to him.

(NEW YORK POST) – Columbia University janitors were gripped with “sheer terror” as a mob of violent anti-Israel protesters stormed Hamilton Hall and took over the building on April 30 – armed with hand-drawn floor plans and supply lists, says a longtime custodian for the Ivy League university.

As dozens of rioters busted through glass and barricaded the entrances to occupy the historic university building, four janitors found themselves trapped inside and afraid, Henry Clemente, a head custodian for Columbia, told The Post.

“If you have masked people running through the building with zip ties and chains, you don’t know what they’re going to do – if they’re going to take you hostage, if you’re going to be tortured, if you’re going to be made an example,” Clemente said.


Cops storm Columbia University university, bust 100 anti-Israel protesters (video screenshot)

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