More Jan. 6 Duplicity

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So it wasn’t only that Speaker Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser refused President Trump’s offer of troops when trouble threatened for Jan. 6. No, it was even worse. Pelosi and Bowser intentionally stood by idly and let the rally degenerate into what amounted to a riot, quite likely with the encouragement of federal agents prococateurs.

But if this report is even partially correct, top military officials disobeyed a lawful order of their Commander-in-Chief and told others to do the same. The UCMJ calls this “mutiny” and “sedition.” Under combat conditions, which Jan. 6 approached, the punishment is death. This report demands a thorough, impartial investigation, and possibly a court martial.

If top military officers can ignore the orders of their civilian superior, we no longer have even the semblance of a constitutional republic. The kind of republic we have rhymes with bandana. It is a delicious fruit, but a rotten role model for a government.

People at the highest levels of government reportedly bypassed a direct, lawful command from President Trump because they were concerned about “optics.”

Kash Patel, former chief of staff at the Department of Defense under President Donald Trump, insists recent closed-door congressional testimony demonstrates people at the highest levels of government willfully ignored an authorization by the former president to deploy troops to the Capitol on January 6th.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley may have walked around in a World War II-style uniform, but his hostile feelings for President Trump were all too obvious. Who the bleep cares about his feelings? His uniform depicts his duty. Only that is important. It’s past time we all remembered that word.

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