Still More Duplicity

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Still More Duplicity

We’ve talked about reports of high-ranking military officers and civilian officials deliberately disobeying President Trump’s orders to send troops to prevent, and then deal with, the mob at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2001. We’ve talked about investigating committees or courts martial. But one thing we haven’t talked about.

Back in the Jurassic Era when I took high-school ROTC, we were taught weapons by Master Sergeant Lee, who wore combat decorations. One day we studied the .45 pistol, US Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911A1.

Master Sergeant Lee told us the pistol was issued to those who could not carry a rifle, such as machine gunners, operators of rocket launchers, artillerymen, and tankers. He added that the pistol was a last resort before you are overrun by enemy troops. That made us think twice.

But then he added one more thing. The pistol was also carried by first sergeants, because their arms were often full of maps and papers, and because they might need it in case they saw a soldier running the wrong way. When that lesson sank in, the class fell silent, and I have remembered it all these years. It came to mind when I read about the officers who disobeyed President Trump’s orders on Jan.6. A .45 pistol will solve a lot of problems, and prevent even more. Thank you, John Moses Browning.

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