Non-citizens Can Vote In DC

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News report:

Illegal Aliens Can Vote in DC Elections

Q: What can a citizen do that a non-citizen cannot do?
A: Vote, in most places serve on juries, and cross the border freely. At least that’s the way it used to be. So immigrants were eager to become citizens. It was an honor. They studied hard to learn English and pass the citizenship test. They needed a basic understanding of our form of government. They were used to the kaisers and czars of Europe, the tin pot dictators of Latin America, and the ruthless police of most places. It took a while to digest the concept of self-government.

But now, non-citizens – and probably even illegal immigrants – can vote in our nation’s capital and probably serve on juries. And everyone including terrorists can cross the border freely. But if citizens are difficult or impossible to distinguish from non-citizens, then citizenship in effect ceases to exist.

In short, the border ceased to exist some time ago, citizenship is ceasing to exist as we speak, and the flag and national anthem are displayed less frequently for fear of disrespect. In what sense, then, are we a nation at all? Or are we merely a geographic area where diverse people happen to be living for a while?

So it is incorrect to say that non-citizens can vote in our nation’s capital. If we have no nation, it has no capital. Just say they can vote in DC. The letters carry no special meaning, because we ourselves no longer have any special meaning. Once we killed that, everything else withered away.

Can our nation be resuscitated? Only if we try. And Biden and his buddies are not much good at CPR. They are experts at the opposite.

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