The Wind Is Shifting, Jibe Ho!

By | May 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

One day’s headlines on a conservative news site:

Argentina President Javier Milei Causes Leftist Meltdown In Europe While Ripping ‘Satanic’ Socialism
Maher Rails Against Medical Establishment For Being ‘Afraid’ To Admit It Was Wrong On Trans-Identifying Minors
‘The Butchers And Liars Were Murderously Wrong’: Suicide Risk Skyrockets Following ‘Gender-Affirmation Surgery,’ New Study Shows
Trump Announces Rally In The South Bronx After Massive Turnout In NJ
Trump Says He Will Demand Biden Take A Drug Test Before Debate: ‘He Was High As A Kite’ During SOTU

Years ago I took a few sailing lessons. One I remember is that when the wind shifts, or when the boat is turned, the boom may swing suddenly and knock someone overboard – or worse. So you yell “Jibe ho!” to warn people to duck.

Well, there are strong signs that the political wind is shifting. Those who have become accustomed to it coming from the left should get ready to duck, or the boom may give them a really hard smack, and they may find themselves in the water as the boat sails away and leaves them behind.

Jibe ho!

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