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During the first three years of the Trump presidency, household net worth (adjusted for inflation) was up 16%. During the first three years of the Biden presidency it was up 0.7%. This is according to government figures. My guess is that it was actually down. It is difficult to believe a government that presents proven liars Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen as its key witnesses in a criminal trial of a former and likely future president.

Who calls “We did it, we didn’t do it, but in either case pay me” Stormy Daniels, and self-confessed perjurer and thief Michael Cohen, as its key witnesses? I’ll tell you who. People who (1) know their case is weak and needs all the help it can get, and (2) don’t know the meaning of truth, but don’t care how obvious this is.

How, exactly, am I supposed to accept anything these people say as more believable than that Joe Biden was a truck driver? Who knows? Maybe he was driving a truck for Dr. King when the South Africa Highway Patrol pulled him over for trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

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