“Death To Israel” – In Tehran? No, In Chicago

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Leftist activists in Chicago chant “Death to Israel.” No more euphemisms like “From the river to the sea, Israel will be free.” Free of what? Mosquitos? No, free of Jews, judenfrei.┬áNazis killed about 6 million Jews, one-third of all Jews on earth. Now there are about 7 million Jews in Israel, about one-half of all Jews on earth. The river-to-the-sea crowd plans to out-Hitler Hitler.

The Nazis were blatant with their anti-Semitic views. But when they actually started killing, they tried to hide what they were doing. The world was shocked when allied troops marched into the death camps. But current anti-Semites are more frank about their aims. Hamas televised Oct. 7 to the world. They chant “Death to Israel,” openly declaring they plan to implement Holocaust II, The Sequel. Homicidal hatred is a poor qualification for immigrants.

But they quickly add “Death to America.” Never forget that Jews are the canary in the coal mine. They may be the first to die, but never the last. Well, the canary looks really sickly. Its feathers are falling out, and it stopped singing some time ago. It hasn’t fallen off its perch yet, but just wait until Iran gets nukes.

When a regime and its sycophants chant “Death to America” and is close to getting its hands on nukes, do you think, just possibly, that it is time to worry?


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