“Trust The Science.” 11,000 Papers Retracted. Wait, What?

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  1. “Trust the science.”
  2.  Over 11,000 papers retracted.

You can have 1), or you can have 2). But you can’t have both without choking on cognitive dissonance. Trusting science is not the same as trusting scientists. Science professions recruit from the human race, which regrettably includes liars, cheats, and high-functioning sociopaths. I knew some myself.

In some cases, “peer review” apparently now consists of AI review, with minimal human input. This may pick up internal contradictions, but also may miss logical flaws, and probably will miss actual fraud and fabricated data. If you remove all religious and moral instruction from schools, what, exactly, did you expect to emerge on graduation day? Saints with diplomas? Or highly educated crooks?

You hung a picture of Anthony Fauci on the classroom wall as a role model, replacing Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk. Now you and your children will have to deal with the graduates. They may have MDs or PhDs, or even both. But do they have functioning consciences? Who knows? Nobody checked.




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