Why Did Pelosi Refuse Troops On Jan. 6?

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Years ago I heard a guest speaker receive a flowery, overdone introduction. He responded, “It’s like smoking, it won’t hurt you if you don’t inhale.” All the flowery compliments won’t hurt you if you don’t believe them yourself. The same applies to lies and conspiracy theories.

Nancy Pelosi and her leftist pals spread the notion that if Trump lost the 2000 election, he would use the military to stay in office. There was no basis for this in reality, they just made it up out of their fevered, paranoid imaginations. In fact, they projected it onto Trump out of their own lust to remain in power. They accused Trump of planning what they themselves would like to do.

Few believed this far-fetched accusation, so it did little harm until Pelosi and her pals started believing it themselves.

We assumed that Pelosi and D.C. authorities refused President Trump’s offer of National Guard troops on Jan. 6 because they wanted disorder, which they could (and did) blame on Trump, the very one who offered to prevent disorder.

But Dan Bongino suggests that Pelosi and her pals actually believed their own fantasy that Trump would use the troops to overturn the election and stay in power. So they refused Trump’s offer. And under current federal law, Trump could not send troops in without a request from local authorities.

When the 1992 Los Angeles riot got out of hand, President George H. W. Bush sent in federal troops only after the governor and mayor asked for them. Trump felt himself bound by the same rules. In short, by not sending in troops without Pelosi’s and the D.C. Mayor’s request, Trump proved the falsity of the accusation that he sought to remain in power by any means available.

The accusation was a lie, but the liars may have convinced themselves it was true, and caused untold grief because of this self-deception. If you doubt this, just ask Ashli Babbitt.

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