More Anti-Semitic Violence

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Rescued Hostages Suffered ‘Severe’ Abuse in Hamas Captivity
• Demonstrators take over office of president of California State University Los Angeles, cause thousands in damage. Feel safe at school?
• Demonstrators take over parts of New York subway, threaten Jewish passengers, shout “Long live Oct. 7” – that is, hooray for killing 1200 Jews in one day, the most since the Holocaust. Feel safe on public transit?

So freedom of speech covers advocating mass murder? Freedom of assembly covers rioting and destruction of property? No, they do not. Wearing an American flag tee shirt or a MAGA hat can get you suspended from school. But blocking Jewish students from classes? No problema.

Question: Is this tolerance of anti-Semitic violence in universities and public transit due only to weakness of the authorities? Or is it also due to the fact that the authorities agree with the anti-Israel, anti-American hatred? Not sure, but it is a possibility.

But if this chaos continues, it will be met by counter-violence. My wife’s father grew up in Butte, Montana, where his father was a cop, and the Irish taught him to box. This is the Butte Police Dept. of 1901. Grandpa is number 27.

Those guys had no radios to call for help.  All they could do is blow their whistle and hope the man on the next beat could hear it. They were not people to mess with.

And neither are their descendants. We are not the European Jews who lined up to get onto boxcars headed for who-knows-where. We are the American Jews who were taught to shoot a rifle at age 14 by a master sergeant with combat decorations. Keep that in mind when you block our kids from their $80,000 education and mess up their graduation. We are not people to mess with, either.

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