“The Border Is Secure” – Tell That To Rachel Morin

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Harford County, Maryland Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler announces arrest in rape and murder of Rachel Morin, mother of five. He has something to say about open borders. He addresses his remarks to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For graduates of elite prep schools and Ivy League universities, that is the White House. We can listen to Sheriff Gahler, or we can listen to Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas, who tells us the border is secure. Our choice.

The ballot here in California is issued in English and Spanish, although knowledge of English is required for citizenship, and citizenship is required for voting. No one can explain this discrepancy.

On the Spanish ballot, sheriff is translated alguacil. But this is a sort of administrator, not a sheriff. There is no accurate translation for sheriff in other languages. Only in America do we elect the chief law enforcement officer of a district. Everywhere else, to the best of my knowledge, the chief law enforcement officer is appointed by the government.

So when we see a sheriff, we should appreciate the unusual freedom the office represents. And we should listen. After many years of law enforcement experience, he or she has seen enough of the downside of human nature to have some wisdom to impart to us.

The border is secure? Tell that to Rachel Morin. Better still, tell it to her children.

Harford Sheriff Gahler explains why The ...

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