“Shut Up!” He Explained

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During the pandemic, I received an email from the California Medical Board, threatening to revoke my medical license if I spread “disinformation.” Then I received an email from the American Board of Internal Medicine, threatening to revoke by board certification if I spread “disinformation.”

In neither case was “disinformation” defined, making the rulings unconstitutionally vague. You can’t forbid something without defining it clearly enough that people can know what not to do. But we assumed that “disinformation” meant that the vaccine didn’t prevent catching or transmitting Covid (it doesn’t), or that Dr. Fauci isn’t infallible and possibly the Second Coming (he isn’t), or that whatever the government says is the absolute truth (are you kidding?).

Now things have quieted down, but those warnings have never been cancelled. Bureaucrats are experts at issuing rules, but no good at all at rescinding them.

But medicine is not the only profession to be afflicted by Galileo vs. Inquisition-style suppression of dissent. Law has joined this sad assembly of the muzzled and the intimidated. The Connecticut State Bar Association has warned lawyers not to criticize the judges and courts trying Trump on criminal charges.

Biased rulings from a judge with a Democrat-activist daughter? Biased jury from 90+% Democrat area? Misdemeanors beyond their statute of limitations, then magically turned into felonies with longer statutes of limitations? Felonies because they furthered another crime, which was not stated because it did not need to be stated? Do not criticize and SHUT UP!

Listen to Senator Upchuck Schumer directly threatening Supreme Court justices by name in front of the court. Was he censured or punished in any way for this gross breach of legal ethics? No way. Respect for the courts applies only when the courts rule the way they want. Don’t you get it?

But if any doubt remains, it is best to be safe and in any case, shut up. How can science progress if outliers are muzzled? How can democracy continue if dissidents are silenced? They can’t.


State bar quaking, warns lawyers not to criticize lawfare against Trump

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