Olympic Committee “Explains” Why Clark Left Off Team

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Report: Olympic Committee “explains” why they didn’t choose Caitlin Clark for the U.S. basketball team. The reason they gave was that there were already too many at her position, and she wouldn’t get enough playing time.

But this is not an explanation at all, not even a poor one. It is merely a restatement of the question. There were already too many at her position because they hadn’t chosen Clark. This is like saying they hadn’t chosen Michael Phelps because they already had enough on the swimming team. It would explain nothing, except perhaps the stupidity of the committee.

In fact, it is like the acting dean of my medical school giving us a welcoming address on our first day. He noted that there was no longer a quota for Jews, and there were so many Jewish students that some wanted a quota for non-Jews. Later I realized that this was the same thing. If you reserved 80% of the places for non-Jews, this left only 20% for Jews.

Similarly, if you fill up the places with other women, this leaves no place for Clark. Let’s hope it is not similar in other ways as well. Let’s hope it is not thinly disguised prejudice. We’ve had quite enough of that.

Caitlin Clark is White, heterosexual, and attended a Catholic high school. These are descriptors, not justifications for hitting her in the head. Even less are they reasons for keeping her off the U.S. women’s basketball team. But if they were reasons, we need to know about it. This is not their team. This is our team.

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