We Have The Last Clear Chance

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Alec Baldwin Trial to Kick Off

Did Actor-Producer Alec Baldwin provide a gun with live rounds in it? No, that was the armorer, who has already been convicted of manslaughter. Did Alec Baldwin bring that gun onto the set of “Rust,” where rehearsals were taking place? No, that was the assistant director, who was sentenced for negligent handling of a firearm. Did Alec Baldwin bring live rounds onto the set in the first place, thus setting up the tragic killing of Halina Hutchins, wife and mother? No, that was person or persons unknown.

But what did Alec Baldwin do? He took a gun in his hand that he had not personally checked, pointed it at a human being, and manipulated the trigger and/or hammer. He had the last clear chance to avert the tragedy, and did nothing. Other people made other mistakes, but he shot the victim. That’s all I need to know.

Similarly, over the years, and especially in recent months, many other people made many other mistakes. They overlooked “gaffes” that were not gaffes, but mistakes an old man makes. They overlooked multiple signs of dementia, first early dementia, and more recently florid dementia.

All this is true. But like the rehearsal of “Rust,” we now have the last clear chance to avert tragedy. Will we do whatever we can, or merely sit passively on the couch, munching snacks, and watching women’s basketball without the star player, and let good old Uncle Joe drive where he pleases?

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