Take His Car Keys Away

By | July 8, 2024 | 0 Comments

Kurt Schlichter hits one into the parking lot and cracks the windshield of a Democrat’s car.


Joe Biden’s Friday interview with dwarf propagandist George Stephanopoulos hit the sweet spot – our sweet spot, and Crusty’s. His bizarre performance was not so utterly terrible as to force the Democrat Party to act to get rid of him (to the extent it ever could), but it was still terrible enough for normal people to look at that grinning, dead-eyed golem and know that he’s a mere husk of what once passed for a man.”

Too cruel, you say? Too blunt, you feel? It is cruel to take away Uncle Fred’s car keys when he starts driving up on the lawn. But it is more cruel not to take them away, and have him run over a family in a crosswalk. So how much more cruel still is it to leave a senile man with his hands on our national steering wheel? Cruel and irresponsible.

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