75,000 Homicides? Not Even Close

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MMWR (Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Reports), published by the CDC (yes, that CDC, the Covid-19 CDC) just published this:

“In 2021, approximately 75,000 people died of violence-related injuries in the United States. Mental health problems, intimate partner problems, interpersonal conflicts, and acute life stressors were the primary precipitating circumstances for the multiple types of deaths examined in this report.”

From this a logical person would conclude that about 75,000 individuals were victims of homicide annually. No, this figure includes all violent deaths: highway accidents, workplace accidents, falls at home, etc., etc.

In fact, there were about 18,456 homicides in the US in 2023. Yes, this is 18,456 too many. But it is very far from 75,000. The function of the CDC used to be to alert Americans to dangerous infectious diseases. But the function of the CDC now appears to be to frighten Americans – to Covid-19, to monkeypox, to homicides, to whatever – in order to make people compliant sheep for a dictatorial government to boss around.

If you aspire to be a frightened sheep, do nothing. The government will take care of it for you. But if you hope to be a responsible citizen of a free nation, put down the snacks, stop watching women’s basketball without the leading player, get up off the couch, and get to work.

The bald eagle is a magnificent, beautiful bird. But the emblem of our country should be the Minuteman. You know, the guy who was ready to leave his plow at a minute’s notice and grab his rifle to defend freedom. The CDC wouldn’t like him at all.

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