Caitlin vs Joe – Sympathy Or No?

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• Caitlin Elizabeth Clark is the leading WNBA rookie. She has also been body checked to the floor, hit on the head with a forearm, and hit on the ear with an elbow, in one case rupturing an eardrum but continuing to  play.

Despite taking more than her share of physical abuse, many – perhaps most – commenters advise Clark to “toughen up,” and accuse her of “flopping,” that is, falling down without being hit, or being hit minimally. Perhaps her critics think the eardrum ruptured itself.

Sympathy? She don’t need no stinkin’ sympathy. She’s White, heterosexual, and talented. Not only that, she graduated from a Catholic high school – probably a bleeping bigot.

• Joseph Robinette Biden for years has engendered speculation about his cognitive abilities. Recently he wandered away from the G7 meeting and had to be steered back by the prime minister of Italy. His performance at the debate speaks for itself. Nevertheless, he insists on running again and declares that only God Himself can remove him. An appropriate claim for a king or a dictator, not so much for a president.

Sympathy? Yes, carloads of it. After all, Good Old Joe is our guy. Millions of illegal immigrants, and therefore potential Democratic voters. No help for beleaguered police or Border Patrol. A woke agenda to weaken the military. Weakness too blatant to be missed by Putin, Xi, Kim, the ayatollahs, or the cartels. You bet he’s our guy.

Poor fellow. Have you no heart? He needs to continue enriching his family with shady deals with China and Ukraine. And Hunter may need a pardon or commutation. Leave the poor fellow alone!

Almost everyone has sympathy. The question is, for whom?

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