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Climate Quackery

By | July 31, 2023 | 0 Comments

Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry demands cuts in CO2 emissions that would “bankrupt America’s farmers.” It is one thing to push electric cars and trucks on people who don’t want them. It is another to try to ban appliances that make life easier and more pleasant: gas stoves, gas water heaters and furnaces, air conditioners. But to reduce farm CO2 production is to reduce food output.

Question: Are Kerry and his cohorts “deep ecologists,” who believe that the human population must be drastically reduced in order to save the Earth? But if so, who will save the Earth from them? One step from genocide is way too close for me. Messing with food production is a huge danger sign. If we blow past it without slowing down, we will have only ourselves to blame.

Kerry touts severe climate restrictions, but flits around the globe in his multi-millionaire wife’s private jet. He threw his Vietnam medals over the White House fence, but somehow still wears them. No matter how much food production falls, he won’t miss a meal, or even a crème brûlée. To call him a hypocrite is to insult hypocrites. To call him a dangerous quack would be more accurate.

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