Living In An Alternate Reality

By | April 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

Letters to LATimes:
• Even if Trump is innocent of charges in indictment, he belongs in prison for his many crimes. None are specified. Bottom line: I don’t like him = belongs in prison.
• Assault weapons are .223 caliber, which is much more powerful than ordinary rifles and causes terrible destruction. In fact, it is just a hot .22 and too weak to be legal for deer hunting in some states. The Army is in the process of replacing it with a stronger round.

How can we reach a compromise with residents of an alternate reality? If Trump is a serial criminal, those who support him are also criminals. If the .223 is terribly destructive, those who want it are lunatics or terrorists. Lies lead to all sorts of evil, from political turbulence to genocide.

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