Daylight Saving Time Is About Power – Not Electric Power, Just Power

By | November 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

Some people want Daylight Saving Time all year, so we don’t have to adjust clocks twice a year. Others are satisfied with the current situation, hoping to save electricity. Still others want to get rid of it entirely, doubting it actually saves electricity.

But all these groups miss the point. It’s not about saving electricity – it’s about power. No, not electric power, just power. If the government can order you not to see your elderly parent in a nursing home for a year, that’s power. If it can order you not to visit a dying relative or friend, that’s power. But if it can override the influence of the sun and order you to change your clocks according to its whim, that’s real power.

Addiction to power is like addiction to heroin. Larger and larger doses are needed to sustain the rush it gives addicts. Just as addiction to heroin is ultimately fatal to the body, addiction to power is ultimately fatal to freedom. Only a strict program of rehabilitation, based on total abstinence, has any hope of curing the addiction. It’s past time for an intervention.

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