Email From American Board Of Hematology

By | July 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

American Board Of Hematology, a subspecialty board of the American Board of Internal Medicine, sent me one of its periodic emails. I took the first exam it gave when it was formed, so I was interested to see what progress had been made in those years. Instead, I was treated to a policy statement about “misinformation,” specifically about vaccine and alternative treatments.

Say anything negative about the Covid vaccine or mention other treatments, ivermectin for example? Risk losing your certification. Year of internship, two or three years residency, two or more years of fellowship, pass exam, keep up continuing education – and then lose it all for having “wrong” opinions and daring to voice them.

Progress? No, not really. Science? Don’t know the meaning of the word. Think it means parroting dogma rather than searching for truth. Too sad.

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