“Anti-Whiteness” Programs? Who Says I’m “White”?

By | February 27, 2021 | 0 Comments

Everywhere we see “anti-whiteness” programs, in schools, in colleges, at work. I have pale skin & green eyes but who says I’m “white”?

As a little girl in Russia my mother hid with her family for 3 days from a pogrom, because Jews weren’t “white.” AsĀ  boy in Poland my father had no hope of going to university because he wasn’t “white.” His eldest brother was murdered in the Holocaust because he wasn’t “white.”

Even in the US my father had trouble getting into medical school because of a quota against “non-whites.” And years later, when I applied to med school, an interviewer questioned my “accent” though I was born in North Dakota.

But now I and those like me are in disfavor because we’re “white.” Say what? When it was good to be white we weren’t. Now that it’s bad to be white we are. Racism is like alcoholism. The only way to quit is total abstinence. We can’t just drink “a little bit.” Throw the concept of “race” into the trash where it belongs, and look ahead.

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