Knife-Wielding Teen Was “Unarmed”

By | April 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

Now leftist “civil rights” activists claim the knife-wielding teen was “unarmed,” and the officer should have “deescalated” the situation. There is not the slightest recognition of the obvious fact that the quick intervention of the officer saved the life of the teen in pink. To these activists. the value of her life was negligible.

These people do not merely disagree on methods, or even on goals. They disagree on reality. They inhabit another planet, Planet Left. On this planet:

  • A knife is not a deadly weapon.
  • Stab wounds are never crippling, disfiguring, or fatal.
  • Knives do not kill more people than all rifles including “assault rifles.”
  • Assault with a deadly weapon does not justify countering it with deadly force.
  • Police officers are able to de-escalate violent assaults in a few seconds.
  • Arrival of police does not in itself de-escalate violence.
  • Constant condemnation of police does not reduce respect for police.
  • Constant belittling of police does not reduce fear of police.
  • Raising kids to be narcissists does not produce narcissistic kids.
  • Raising kids without moral principles does not produce amoral kids.
  • Raising kids without fathers does not produce kids with no respect for authority.
  • Raising kids to do as they please does not produce antisocial kids.
  • Encouraging all this to happen does not attach any guilt to those who do so.

Planet Left must be a very odd place. But I have no idea in what galaxy it is located. We reside here in the Milky Way Galaxy, on Planet Earth. Here, long and bitter experience has taught us that everything is the exact opposite of what it is on Planet Left. As Teddy Roosevelt advised, we must do the best we can, with what we have, where we are.

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