Leftists Bully Senator In Public Restroom

By | October 4, 2021 | 1 Comments

• Conservative media: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema followed into public toilet by leftist activists, who harangue her to vote for multi-trillion-dollar spending bill. Toilet sounds recorded on video shown on internet. Media condemn this assault on privacy.

• Leftist media: “Sinema, going her own way, enrages other Democrats.” No media criticism of toilet attack or video. No notion of privacy.

For years leftist activists have been saying, “By any means necessary.” But we did not know they meant going into a public toilet, yelling at a public official, and recording toilet sounds to play on the internet. We already knew they went going to the homes of officials and yelling slogans through megaphones.

If you are not safe from activist bullies at home or in a public toilet, you are not safe anywhere. And that’s the point: Let those who disagree know they aren’t safe anywhere. If even a US senator isn’t safe, ordinary citizens surely aren’t safe. Moral: Comply or else.

If you imagine that a representative democracy can continue if such bullying is allowed, you should return to planet Earth. We’re in big trouble here, and we need your help.


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