Rudi’s Law License Suspended

By | June 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

Rudi Giuliani’s law license was suspended by the New York State Bar Association for spreading “demonstrably false” information about 2020 election fraud. Since these claims have never been thoroughly investigated, and audits are now in progress, how are claims of fraud “demonstrably false”? They may be false. They may be true. But as yet, no one has demonstrated either to be the case. To use the word “demonstrably” indicates that the Bar Association has a political motive.

We have now reached the point where you not only may be deplatformed by social media, but you may lose your professional license and livelihood, if you dare to question the legitimacy of the current regime. Speaker Pelosi spent four years calling Trump an “illegitimate president.” That was quite all right. But to raise questions of election fraud when Biden is in office? No way! File under E for Equal Justice Under Law, Not.

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