Gas All White People? That’s What The Professor Said

By | April 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

“Barnard College instructor discusses locking up and gassing Whites in hypothetical race war.” For $78,044 a year, this is what your kid will be exposed to. But if you want to save $78,044, just introduce your child to the local drug dealer or gang leader. The homicidal instruction will be the same, but on a more practical level.

Let me explain why I take this excreta personally. As a little girl, my mother and her family hid for 3 days from a Russian pogrom in which people they knew were killed. Jews weren’t White. As a boy in Poland, my father learned that his chances for admission to a university were slim. Jews weren’t White. Later my father’s eldest brother, who remained in Poland, was gassed and cremated in the Holocaust. Jews weren’t White.

When it was good to be White, Jews weren’t White. But now that it’s bad to be White, Jews are White. I’m sure that the Barnard faculty member who so glibly discusses gassing White people would see me as White, and therefore deserving of being gassed. But I’m equally sure he wants me to see him as a unique individual, to be judged on his own merits. Self-awareness is not a characteristic of the Left.

There used to be a comedy show called “Can you top this?” Listeners sent in a joke which was read to the audience. A sound meter rated their laughter. Panelists then tried to top the response with their own jokes. If they could not the person who sent in the joke got a prize.

Is this not what the Left is engaged in? Each tries to top the others in “wokeness.” But surely we are reaching the end of the competition. When we talk about Holocaust 2, gassing millions of people, it’s no joke. It’s not funny in the slightest. It’s not an amusing foible of confused but otherwise good people. No, it’s the homicidal fantasy of deranged, potentially dangerous individuals.

In fact, they may meet the legal definition of insanity: Suffering from a defect of reason that renders them a danger to themselves or others. Except that they don’t suffer from it – they enjoy it immensely. It’s a real high to talk about gassing the people who pay your salary and support your institution. What a rush to threaten the lives of the young people you swore to educate, and have them naively lap up the poison you serve. How woke is that?

If you want a look at why I am so incensed, watch this film made by the US at the end of World War II. Not really a laughing matter, is it?







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