It Starts

By | June 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

Two White women drive to Burger King, place orders. Problem over orders. Employee allegedly tells women, “Be less White.” Race of employee not stated. Women go into store, throw food at employees, then exit. Fight spills into parking lot, where one woman pulls gun, lets off shots. No one hit, but one bullet pierces headrest of nearby car. Woman arrested on multiple charges.


  1. If an employee told a customer to “be less Black,” would a violent outcome be surprising? Then why is “be less White” any less likely to provoke violence?
  2. Do those who teach racism in the guise of anti-racism intend for violence like this to result? If so they are evil, if not they are stupid.
  3. We have been working to resolve our racial problems for decades, even centuries. Why do we tolerate people who try to undo all the work we have done?
  4. Non-Hispanic Whites make up 60% of US population. Are progressives so naïve or moronic (or both) that they believe they can continue to insult the majority, and the majority’s children, and anything but violence will result?
  5. Are progressives motivated by a desire to make things better, or to make things worse?
  6. Are progressives motivated by a subconscious urge for chaos and self-defeating turmoil, which only expert therapy might uncover?

No one will even attempt to answer these questions until we have the courage to ask them.

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