Pro-Palestinians Beat Up Jewish Diners in LA

By | May 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators ask LA diners if they’re Jewish, beat up 2. Not just anti-Israel, anti-Semitic. 193 members of UN but only the 1 Jewish nation doesn’t deserve to exist?

Question: Could this attack have happened so easily in a state where ordinary citizens can carry a firearm? In LA, thugs can attack a person on the street with almost 100% assurance he or she is unarmed, unless they attack a gang member. What is more, passersby are less likely to intervene if they are unarmed. The net effect of many gun-control laws is to enable criminals.

The ideal answer to “Are you Jewish?” is “Yes, but my friend Col. Colt isn’t!” Or how about “Yes, but my friend John Moses Browning is Mormon – say hi!”

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