Slanted Reporting on Israel-Hamas Fighting

By | May 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

LATimes: “Israel rebuffs pressure to end fighting. Even as Netanyahu stands firm, there are signs he may yield on a truce with Hamas.” Implications:

  • Hamas firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities and towns, killing and wounding Israelis, wasn’t “fighting.” But Israel retaliating with air strikes is “fighting.”
  • Israel has the power to stop “fighting.” This is true only if “fighting” is Israel responding, but not if “fighting” is actual fighting.
  • Netanyahu is the roadblock to a truce, which Hamas wants. In fact, a truce is likely to occur only when Hamas runs out of rockets, and is waiting for Iran to supply more.

You may call this journalism. I call it propaganda. I wonder how much anti-Semitic violence is incited by biased stories like this.

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