“Our Country Could Not Be Better Served.” How Depressing Is That?

By | December 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Pelosi gushes over “perfect” Biden: “Our country could not be better served.”

Could the Speaker be correct? Could our country not be better served? The optimist believes that this is far from accurate: Surely outstanding men and women are waiting impatiently for their chance to step up. The pessimist fears that it is true: Perhaps Joe Biden and his aides are the best we have to offer, and our future is one big downhill slide into a dull mediocrity, marked by loss of freedom, loss of prosperity, and loss of purpose.

Who is right? It’s up to us. The future doesn’t just happen, it’s what we make happen. Roaring inflation, skyrocketing deficits, widespread crime, squeezed working class, diminishing middle class, tyrannical big tech? If that’s what we tolerate, that’s what we’ll get – and what our children will have to live with.

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