Manchin Sinks Biden Spend Fest? What About The 50 GOP Senators?

By | December 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

In order to defeat Pres, Biden’s trillion-dollar spending spree, 51 senators are required. Joe Manchin is only one of them. All 50 GOP senators will vote no, so it takes only one Democrat to tip the scales against the progressives. This is not higher mathematics. Perhaps schools are so busy teaching woke subjects that simple arithmetic may have escaped their attention.

Reports suggest that Biden’s incivility in naming Manchin publicly may have strengthened the senator’s resolve to vote no. The potty-mouthed outbursts from members of the Squad didn’t help to smooth things over. Manchin, like any reasonable person, does not appreciate cursing and threats to his family, which will inevitably result.

Biden often talks about “Corn Pop,” the “bad dude” he supposedly confronted as a youth. But unfortunately for him, Biden apparently learned to emulate “Corn Pop,” and now has met someone who really does confront “bad dudes.” Interesting how tall tales sometimes come true in unexpected ways.

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